Justyn Durham

(Recruitment Director & Founder)

0203 924 5239

Justyn is a bit of a recruitment geriatric, with nearly 20 years recruitment experience and counting!  He has had the pleasure of working for numerous highly regarded recruitment firms in London, the Midlands and the Middle East and he is the founder of Rock Consulting.

His interest in digital technology began with a 48K RAM ZX Spectrum that he was bought as a child, moving onto Visual Basic and HTML in his twenties, then eventually C++ while studying for a degree in I.T. & Computing during the .com boom.   He chose not to pursue a career in I.T though, deciding instead to work in the world of recruitment.  The rest is history as they say!

As a recruiter, Justyn is relaxed and engaging, and fully committed to doing a great job for his candidates and clients.  He is particularly passionate about helping people excel in their careers and he works hard to build long-term relationships with candidates, so he can truly understand how best to support career growth and progression.  

In his spare time, Justyn enjoys eat out with friends, family and his partner, and is also quite partial to a nice bottle of red!!  He is Dad to two children; one being a teenage son and the other, a 4 year old daughter who runs him ragged and has him wrapped around her little finger!!